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Places In The Heart

Good morning. I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful a great time was had with family and friends. We have traveled and traveled... and are bone weary. Tired physically and emotionally. We loved spending time with family at the ranch and in College Station. It was a blessing. Sid's Mom is very ill and in the hospital and will probably go to heaven soon. It was a sad but blessed time being with her and with Sid's brother Bill and sister Becky and their families. We would appreciate your prayers for JoAnn and especially for Daddy Bob. It is hard to imagine your world without the people that have been so constant in our lives. Our parents are so woven into our hearts. It is hard to picture life without them. I am so thankful that we share life in Jesus and His saving grace and promise of eternity with Him. Not only with Him but those we love. Comforting and exciting. Thank you God for this promise.

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you…

What Football Fun!!

Ok, I promise that by the middle of January I will not be talking about football for a long while. We had a great time in Austin for the Longhorn game against Kansas. Good to be with lots of family including some sweet cousins from Tennessee. We then got to spend a few days at the ranch and relaxed and slowed down for 24 hours. I pray that our Thanksgiving time for all of us will be filled with fellowship with loved ones, good food, laughter and love. Blessings. walking to the stadium
Family. Colt groupies.

Prayer before the game.

Sweet family.
Goofy, fun Michael

Chance and William
Black Widow that we killed after Wes found him outside the ranch house door. Be careful guys putting your foot into your shoe if you leave it outside on the carport. Yuck.
My two favorite trees.

Weird antler picture

My sweet Wesley
My sweet Willy