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Camp Blue Haven- Fire- No Fear...

Only a little over a week away...
(Please pause the blog music.)

Right now it looks like this up there...
There is a large fire burning near Pecos about 25 miles away. The smoke is blowing over camp and into town.  The fire is burning in the camp's direction but is not threatening it.  Our youngest gentle giant just drove in a few minutes ago and he says the smoke is bad. 

Friends, please pray:
1- That this fire be put out fast and that there will be no more fires around camp.

2- That CBHaven is protected. Over 1,200 campers are excited about coming to camp to be with friends, to make more friends and to give more of their heart to Jesus.

3- That God blesses this mountain region with lots of rain!

4- That the first session campers and staff and counselors will not fear but trust God and that they will be safe.

There have been so many horrific, sad things happening lately. The tornadoes in Oklahoma and just so many sad and concerning things (cancer) in so many loved ones lives.  So…

Showing Off...

Can you see him?


Fear up until recently has been a constant companion of mine.
If there was anything I could worry about- I worried about it.
God has stretched me and shown me in my heart that I do not have to fear.
What can the world do to us that God cannot handle?
The fact is, we know the end of the story no matter how the plot plays out.
I love that thought. It gives me peace.
I love the scripture above. What an incredible promise.
I find it really humorous that last summer I was so concerned about both our boys being away at Camp Blue Haven all summer. They were going to be over 12 hours worth of driving away from us. I can imagine God smiling and saying to Himself, "Just hang on daughter and wait for next summer. We will get you over this fear and worry thing."
Now, fast forwarding to this summer our oldest gentle giant is alot further away than the mountains of New Mexico. I think God knew that I needed to get over my control issue with my children so He flew him down to Peru for…

Oh, What A...Week...

Nice way to be greeted early this morning. My hubby went out for a sit on the wicker chair and just happened to look under the cushion. Why? Because there is always a little green lizard that lives under that cushion and he did not want to sit on him. Well...this was there instead. Surprise, surprise. Nasty snake. I don't think this one is poisonous but yuck it might as well be. It has been a whirlwind week. Last weekend at the ranch for Mother's Day was a blessed and wonderful time. So thankful to be with our boys and with my mama. God is good.
 Mother's Day lunch at Underwoods. Have you ever seen more food on one table before? :)
Most of the week as been spent getting ready for these precious young men to fly off to Peru for the summer. God is on the move in their lives. They will be blessed and will be a blessing. Thank you for putting our boys on your prayer list.
I greatly appreciate it.
 Proud papa and mama. William-we sure love you.
 Your grandfather does too!


Love you Mama...

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom who has ever walked the earth!
Love you! My Mother's Day card from our boys last year. Boys- you gotta love em. Precious.

I Love My Home Business...

Good morning! I don't think I have ever told you guys about the business I enjoy doing from home. Read on if you are interested in working from home with a great company and you are interested in super wellness products for your body.
Advocare is about nutrition, lifestyle and wellness. It is also about empowering people to be in charge of their finances.
Here are some of our super products: Our family LOVES Spark. It is a sugar free energy drink with high vitamin content and amino acids. This stuff is seriously good and the energy from it is top notch. Our boys love to workout and build muscle. The Muscle Fuel and Muscle Gain a incredible products. They have used them since high school and they are an informed choice product line which means the products are certified banned-substance free.
One of the incredible products that people love is the 24 Day Challenge.
Summer is only a month away! Yikes!
In 24 days you can see a major change in your body weight and shape. It works…

Chalk Painted Table...

I love this table! It was my grandmother's that we sat around on Sunday's after church eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Lots of great memories.  I have had it a while and if you will notice the top of it is a big mess. Lots of drink rings and it needed to be stripped and refinished badly. I have to say that I am not very good at that process. Been there done that kind of work and it does not end too well for me. I did not want to pay to have it done so I decided to go a little different way. I was reading about Chalk painting old furniture and decided to give it a go. (Yes, I know Mom that it breaks your heart for me to paint Mamamia's good maple table. Sorry! Please forgive me.)
Here is the recipe: Flat latex indoor paint (color of your choice) Half cup of plaster of paris Half cup of water Mix the plaster of paris and water well, then add 1 cup of paint. Mix well and apply with a foam brush.
It dries unbelievably fast. I mean like in 90 seconds. I used a buttery ye…