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Put Down Your Phone...

Talking HARD to myself.
I believe there are many kinds of terrible addictions.
I KNOW that constantly having our faces in our phones is one of them.
Jesus help us.
We are raising generations of children that will not know how to have a face to face conversation. Why would they want to? It's a lot more work to be unselfish and talk to people face to face. Will our children even truly know much about their parents? Mom and Dad (and Grandparents) are always on their phones. Let's at least as a start make our phones off limits during meals.

I pray earnestly for our grands that they never know this addiction. I know that is a big prayer but I will try to be a part of modeling this for them. I pray they always play and engage and love the people right in front of them. I pray that for all of us.

POWERFUL short video below about where our attention is. LOVE THIS by Jefferson Bethke.

Blessings! Amy