Friday, August 8, 2008

I was reading my bible this morning in Job and was astonished at the scripture that said after Job lost everything he tore his clothes and fell down to the ground in worship to God. Wow. I think when things go wrong I usually just start feeling sorry for myself, not worshipping God. Anyway...I then picked up "The Power of a Praying Parent" and started reading and the words really hit me hard this morning. I am trying to prepare myself for Will leaving for college. Those of you who know me well know that I struggle with being too overprotective and fearful. I have been thinking and praying about Hazel taking Sarah to Harding in a few weeks and Becky taking Abigail to A&M soon and about Shana taking Josh to Waco and her tears over just missing him, and have wondered how I will handle our boys going away. I remember Brad and Debra talking about how hard it was when Colt went to college and then Chance. Anyway, I wanted you to hear the words that I read today. They were so encouraging to me. These words are from her book but are my paraphrasing...for the most part.

Releasing My Child into God's Hands:
I didn't have peace when my first child was born. I was afraid that someone might drop him, that he might drown in the bathtub, that I would forget to feed him, that he would not wake up...I cried out to God concerning this. He reminded me that my child was a gift to us from Him and He cared even more about our son than we did. I was reminded of the biblical instruction to cast "all your care upon Him" (1 Peter 5:7)I prayed, "Lord, my child is the biggest care I have, and I release him into Your hands. Only You can raise him right and truly keep him safe. I will no longer strive to do it all by myself but will enter into full partnership with You."From the moment on whenever I had fear I immediately took it as a sign to pray until I had peace. If I didn't have peace right away, I prayed about it with one or more prayer partners until I did. Daily I released my son to God and asked Him to be in charge of his life. This took the pressure off me and parenting became much more enjoyable.Recently I had to release my son into God's hands again, this time as he left for college. I cried numerous times in the months leading up to that monumental moment of separation, for I realized that our lives would never be the same again. Then, just before the big day, God brought to life the words, "For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you" (Isaiah 55:12)Along with that, He gave me the knowledge and assurance that after the initial pain of releasing our children there comes joy and peace, both for them and for us. Because we know that no matter what stage of life our children are in, when we release them to God they are in GOOD HANDS. We know that they will go forth in peace and joy and God will make a way for them.We don't want to limit what God can do in our children by clutching them to ourselves and trying to parent them alone. If we're not positive that God is in control of our children's lives, we'll be ruled by fear. We can trust God to take care of our children even better than we can. When we release our children into the Father's hands and acknowledge that He is in control of their lives and ours, both we and our children will have greater peace.We can't be everywhere, but God can.
We can't see everything, but God can.No matter what age our children are, releasing them into God's hands is a sign of our faith and trust in Him and is the first step toward making a difference in their lives.

"Thank you Lord for the precious gift of this child. Because Your Word says that every good gift comes from You, I know that You have given this child to me to care for and raise. Help me to do that. Show me places where I continue to hang on to him and enable me to release him to Your protection, guidance, and counsel. Help me not to live in fear of possible dangers, but in the joy and peace of knowing that You are in control. I rely on You for everything, and this day I trust my child to You and release him into Your hands." Amen.

I love you guys. Thank you for the example you are to me of how to graciously give your children to God. I am thankful that I will be in heaven with each of you and with all of our children. What a great time it will be. Love, Amy

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Shana Bailey said...

Amy, thanks for writing this! You are an awesome Christian example. you truly know and love the Lord and aren't afraid to show it!
keep it go girl! :)