Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Harding Trip

Hey! Well our little trip to Harding for Will to look at the school was great! It is a looooooong way, but beautiful drive. Will loved everything about the school and is excited about possibly going there. Having Molly, Jay and Mackenzie there is an added bonus. They were all so sweet and helpful. We were very impressed with the Harding coaches. They made it clear that they put God first and it is a family team. Will is sold. We now are working on getting him well to play in the next few weeks. Hopefully by homecoming. He is still hurting in his pelvis area. We hope that it will heal soon so that he can get back into football. He really misses it. Hope your day is a great one! Love, Amy

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mqmaynard said...

Hi Amy!
Thank you for inviting me to view your new blog site. It looks great & I love the pics. I am actually becoming a BIG time blog reader. I am so inspired & uplifted by so many gifted writers. Looking forward to reading your future thoughts & life experienced. God richly bless you Amy!! I am so proud of you, you blogger you!!!