Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hook Em Horns!!!

Well, things have been really crazy and completely nutty around here. Wes may have to have surgery on his knee next week. We will find out tomorrow. We are all getting more and more excited about the Longhorn vs. Raider game this weekend. The Horns are coming here to Lubbock and THEY JUST HAVE TO WIN!!! Wes says he is not going to school on Monday if they lose! Our boys will get overwhelming grief about it if that happens. ha. Anyway, Sid and I will be in a Tech Law School box (working game for Sid) and I am thinking about the ridicule I will get for yelling for Colt and possibly wearing burnt orange. (Sid won't let me, but I want to.)Right now I don't care what anyone thinks. I will be screaming for Colt and I hope that they blow em out!!

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