Friday, October 24, 2008


Top 10 Reasons to Vote for John McCain

1. Supreme Court Nominees
Barack Obama will choose justices that make laws based on personal preferences, popular trends or international precedent like Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, John Paul Stevens and David Souter.
John McCain will choose justices that interpret the Constitution like John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia.

2. Experience
Barack Obama: Graduate Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Community Organizer in Chicago, Illinois Senate for 8 years, and U.S. Senate for 143 days before running for President. He is an extreme liberal with no significant achievements and no example of reaching "across the aisle."
John McCain has 26 years experience: Graduate from Naval Academy, Navy Pilot, Prisoner-of-war, US Congressman for 4 years, U.S. Senate for 22 years. He is a reformer who has reached "across the aisle."

3. Protect Innocent Human Life
John McCain has voted consistently throughout his career to build a "culture of life" – he opposes Partial Birth Abortion, supports Infants Born Alive, supports Parental Notification, opposes the Freedom of Choice Act. His Supreme Court nominees will support life.
Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate for President in history. He voted against the Infant Born Alive Act 4 times in the Illinois Senate, he supports federally funded abortion, and he is actively campaigning for the Freedom of Choice Legislation that will eliminate federal and state laws that restrict abortions. He will select Supreme Court Nominees that will support abortion.

4. Sarah Palin
Conservative, reform-minded Alaska Governor. Connects with middle America because she is middle America. Challenged both R's & D's to reform Alaska. Will shake-up Washington DC.

5. Taxes and Spending
Barack Obama will raise taxes and increase spending. He has a terrible record on earmarks.
John McCain supports lower taxes and has been a hawk on spending. He will end earmarks.

6. Develop Domestic Energy Supplies
John McCain supports off-shore drilling, nuclear, clean coal, oil shale, solar, wind and geothermal.
Barack Obama supports renewables such as solar and wind. He advocates little or nothing for developing sources that we know work and for which we have plentiful supplies.

7. Iraq Surge and the "War on Terror"
John McCain advocated for a surge in Iraq in order to achieve victory years before it was implemented. He continued to support it when President Bush made the policy change and it was highly unpopular.
Barack Obama did not support the surge and voted to remove troops on a set timetable that would have resulted in defeat in Iraq and a sign of inconsistency, weakness and inability to stay-the-course in tough times.

8. Marriage
Barack Obama wants to repeal DOMA and is opposed to Proposition 8 in California. He is effectively for same-sex marriage.
John McCain supports DOMA and supports Proposition 8 in California to protect marriage.

9. Cindy McCain
Wife, mother of 7, traveled to Bangladesh and returned with an adopted daughter. Her heart is for the poor, both domestic and international.

10. Card Check
Barack Obama supports card check, which is the unions' #1 issue. This eliminates secret-ballot union elections and will result in coercive union activity.
John McCain supports full and fair union elections.

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As JESUS said on the cross: "גוייִש משוגעת". Please see what an Evangelical Minister has to say.