Thursday, November 20, 2008

At Last.

Thank the Good Lord today is here. I have been a big baby the last three weeks. This check up for the thyroid cancer has been a pain. Being on the low iodine diet is the pits and the thyrogen shots are nauseating. I had the last scan this morning and went and got a cappucino. ahh... yes, I have been a baby. I have learned too much about myself these past few weeks. I can be a royal pain and I did not hold up too well under the constant nausea. (It was like pregnancy nausea. Yuck. Too old for that nonsense. ha) Already I am feeling so much better and am thankful for no cancer and for days when I feel great. What a blessing.
I got up this morning to the wind howling! I mean screaming! We were being hit by a cold front. I love the winter time. When it is cold we all tend to stay in more and hover around the fire with a cup of coffee. We have already watched Miracle on 34th St. (Is it 34th? or 32nd? Oh... can't remember, but it was good.) I am cherishing every evening that Will stays home and just hangs with his ole parents. The days are counting down fast. Anyway, as I drove in to town this morning with the wind trying to blow me off the road I was hit by a tumble weed the size of a compact car! Unbelieveable! It kind of scared me and then I got started laughing. What a hoot. It is still blowing hard and should be around 25 degrees tonight.
I want to tell you about Will and his Mandolin that he made in woodshop class at school. I will write about it tomorrow and put in a picture of it. It is lovely. Taa taa for now! Amy

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