Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fluffy Kitty...

I had another kitty sighting! We have two fluffy long hair, white and gray kittys lurking around in our back yard. Wes is thrilled and is trying to get them to stay and be his pets. He puts milk out for them everyday and hopes that they will decide to live here. I heard a noise a few minutes ago and walked out in the back yard. One of them was hiding in our rose bushes (lots of weeds to hide under unfortunately) and he ran like crazy for the side of the yard when I got close. He is so fluffy and cute. I should try to chase him into the garage to catch that mouse in there that is freaking me out. I hold my breath everytime I walk into the garage thinking he is going to run up my pants leg! eeekk!!!! Critters everywhere.

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