Friday, November 21, 2008


The song that you are hearing is by Nickel Creek. It is an old folk song with the mandolin as the main instrument. It is called Sweet Afton (name of a river) and my Mom said that she used to sing this song when she was a young girl. This song is in honor of Will's new mandolin. Enjoy.
Good morning. Here is a picture of the mandolin that Will made in woodshop class this semester. He has a great woodshop teacher. Mr. Carr is so kind and witty and wonderful. Will did not quite finish it on Wed. and was disappointed that he could not bring it home that day. At church on Wed. evening Mr. Carr's wife Kristi handed me a picture of the mandolin and said that Mr. Carr brought it to church to give to Will. What fun! Everyone made a big deal about it and it was fun. I got him a beginning mandolin book and he is ready to go! We already have a song picked out to learn and play at the Blue Haven first session talent show next summer. Michael and I on guitar, Will on mandolin and Wes singing with Kylie. ha! We'll see if THAT works out. Anyway, this mandolin will officially be known as the "Willdolin" from now on because Mr. Carr says that there will never be another like it! Blessings on your day!

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