Monday, November 17, 2008

No Surgery!

We are thrilled that Wes' doctor told him today that he will not have to have surgery on his knee. Such great news. He will have a three week rehab and then will be able to play basketball with a brace on. yippee!! Dr. King is a big Tech fan because he was the team doctor for about 20 years. He had to rub it in quite a bit about Texas getting beat. He then admitted in the end that he thought the Raiders just got lucky. He asked us to yell for Tech this weekend against the Sooners but we told him NO WAY! ha. GO SOONERS...just this one game of course.

Only one week until the Thanksgiving holidays! I don't know if I can wait. To the ranch we go. Fire in the fireplace, coffee, games, hunting, good food, jigsaw puzzle, watching for deer, Christmas lists, old movies, Underwoods, etc. Sounds so good.

I go in for my radio iodine treatment tomorrow and then the two scans the next two days after that. I will be a glad when it is over and pray for great results. Blessings on your week!

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