Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Thankful

Wow. Today was sobering. I went in for a shot to get ready for my first yearly thyroid cancer body scan. I have to take three Thyrogen shots and then fast for several days and take a small dose of radio iodine. I then go in for two days and get a full body scan to see if there is any thyroid cancer lurking in my body. I feel confident that there is not and am ready to have this chapter of this cancer story over. The shot made me pretty sick to my stomach but it has eased up a little tonight.
I had a quite a thoughtful conversation with God while in the waiting room.
This was my first time to be in the main cancer center waiting room. So many sick people. At least half of them have lost their hair because of chemo. I loved watching their husbands and children and wives taking care of them. They all seemed so brave and resigned to the fact that they have a battle to fight. Another thing that I noticed is how nice all of the nurses are in this part of the hospital. They are extra caring and all smile so easily. These nurses are incredible. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and give such kindness to people that are hurting physically and emotionally. A chaplain was going around talking to each person. He was very sweet and asked me all about what I was dealing with. He said that he hoped that I would get well but that he mostly hoped that I had peace through Jesus Christ. I told him that I have that peace and am so thankful.
I thought a lot about living and dying and how we do it either gracefully and joyfully through Jesus or kicking and screaming without Him. At one point I felt like crying watching an older couple both with canes shuffling in through the doors. I'm not sure which one was sick but they were handling it together. I caught myself tearing up but then thought, oh...if they know and love you Lord they won't have to say goodbye for long. That was a happy thought. Anyway, I was thankful to have some extra time waiting for my turn to observe those sweet people. I do pray that their bodies can be well but most of all pray that they know and love the Great Physician of their hearts and souls.
I will take another shot on Friday. I hope that the nausea is not as bad. I am so thankful that I am well right now for this moment in time. Help me God to not take that for granted.
Thank you.

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