Tears and the Passage of Time

Good morning. Will had his last high school football game last night. After six years of organized school football it is over for him. He played very good but we lost against Abernathy. He made 8 nice catches and scored one touchdown. I knew he would be sad when it was over. Something about high school football in Texas. Such a big deal to these boys. He cried a few buckets full as did his other senior team members. It was wonderful to see them comfort each other. I am thankful for the leader that Will has been on this team. I am thankful for his coaches that seem to care most about character over winning. I am so very thankful that he got through this last game without getting hurt again. Thank you Father for answering that prayer. I went out and walked the football field yesterday afternoon and talked to God about these past years and prayed for safety for Will. This passage of football time and school time has gone so fast. Like blinking it has flown by. I have spent so much time praying for the boy as he has played. A part of me is glad that it is over but oh...how I will miss seeing him out there. It was also Senior night and Sid and I got to escort him onto the field. I had that thought, wow...this is how this feels. We are starting to say goodbye little by little. You know, as hard as it is I am ok with it. I am so extremely thankful for the life that we have had with Will. I am so excited about his future and his time in college and whatever else God has in store for him. Please Father, just hold my heart and mind close in Your hand as I let him go. Help me to be who I am supposed to be for him, showing him that You love him more than I do and that he will never be alone. Please help us in the last few concentrated months before he takes flight to point him to You and to continue to help him see the joy in following You.

Senior night-
Last football pep rally- see Wes laughing in the front row. What a fun goober.

I love this picture.

Lovely west Texas sunset.

The boys at the Tech/Texas game- can you see them?

Colt going out for the coin toss

The Will Rogers statue covered with red raider flare.
Sorry, but I still can't talk about this game in detail because I am still too mad about it. Colt played great but they had a down game. Let me just say that I am not fond of the Raiders football team...GO OKLAHOMA STATE!!!!
Wes and Sid at the Espn gameday morning show.

Blessings to all on this lovely cold Sat. morning. The coffee is brewing the fire is roaring and I am glad to be alive and just to have this moment to talk to God and to be thankful. Blessings.


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