Saturday, January 17, 2009


Howdy! The song playing is the greatest basketball song ever! ha. Wes would say it is a throwback song, and it is. I remember sitting in my high school gym as a senior and us all stomping our feet to "We are the Champions" during our basketball games. It is still in my opinion the best basketball song out there. Showing my age I know. Anyway, this song is dedicated to a fine week of basketball. Wes played great last night and is improving all of the time. He is having to come back and get in shape after a knee injury in football, but is doing good. Will had the Superman game of his life last night. The best I have ever seen him play. It was great fun. We beat the team that always beats us in football, so it was sweet. Will had 10 points and oodles of rebounds and a couple of stuffs. It is fun to watch. Here are a few pictures. The first one is taken of Sid's side of the family when they came to watch Will play at the Whataburger Tournament. What sweet family.

William going for a ball

Wes... his arms are getting so long. He is going to be scary good some day soon.

Wes is the comic relief on the bench. He has a great sense of humor.

Well, blessings on your Saturday. I pray that our Sunday tomorrow will be filled with joy in being able to meet together and worship our Lord. Let's make it a good one. Love, Amy

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