Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Floor

We have been putting off finishing a small remodeling project now for about 4 months. We bought laminate at a very good discount price but have not had the time or really the energy to do the job. I was feeling so lazy that I got a quote for someone else to do it. Only $1,000 dollars for the labor. Well...we jumped on the project ourselves. Below are the pictures to prove it. It is not a perfect floor, but it will do nicely. Of course, neither one of us can hardly move this morning! ha. We must get into better shape!!
We are toying with the idea of trying to downsize houses a bit. With the cost of college for Will and several others factors, it is sounding like a good idea. It is not the best time to try and sell a house, but we will see how it goes. Below are some pictures. Sorry, I was half asleep this morning and put the order in backwards. oops. Have a blessed day!

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