Monday, January 26, 2009

Will is going to Harding!

In the Green's kitchen. Sorry this is a little blurry!

You might need to turn the blog music down to hear this video. Just push the pause button on the playlist. Thanks!

Will has decided to go to Harding for college and to play football. They have offered him a partial scholarship. He is thrilled and so are we. Here is a video clip of a Harding basketball game like the one we went to on Saturday night. They sing the Star Spangled Banner acappella. It was so cool. You just don't hear it sung this way very often.. if ever. It was great.

Thanks so much Nathan and Mackenzie for letting us stay with you! Your home is sweet and we loved being there with you. Thanks for putting up with us! Jay, or J. or Jividen... thanks for keeping Will and showing him a good time! You guys are the best!

Will is going to be 11 hours away from home and his loved ones and that will be hard but we are thankful for these wonderful coaches and family that he will be with and that will further mold him into the godly man he is becoming.

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