Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Basketball, the Big M and Family

Hey! Exciting night of basketball last night.
We beat Alpine and will go on to play again on Sat. night.

Will played great and scored 12 points. Casey's team is in the basketball playoffs too and might play close to here on Friday. Hopefully that will work out and we will get a visit in with Brad and Debra.

Had a check up yesterday and was informed that I am going through, should I say it? Menopause. ha!!! As if I did not know that. Anyway, just a part of life right? That sweating stuff at night is the pits though.

Well, I will leave you with lots of pictures and this scripture for today. Sid sent it to me this morning. I am off for a quick walk and then it is on to the list for today. It is gorgeous outside! I am enjoying the warmer temperatures!
Whistle while you work!
Have a blessed day! Love, Amy

Every choice has eternal consequences so you need to choose wisely: "Since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, godly lives you should be living!" (2 Peter 3:11 LB).

Christ likeness comes from making Christlike commitments.

The sunrises have be especially lovely lately.

Sweet Will

The team- Area winner

Insane looking mascot! yikes!!

Debra! This one is for you! Mark was one of our refs! I yelled at him and he gave me a little wave and half a smile. It was good to see him!

On the bench

The boy on the left on the end in street clothes was in a bad wreck coming to school last week. He flipped his car and it rolled 3 times. We are so thankful he is alive. If he had not had on his seat belt he would not be here today. His name is Jaron. He is a great basketball player. We missed him last night. He has a concussion and a broken bone in his face. His wreck made quite an impression on our boys about wearing your seat belt!

Seize the day!

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