Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Valentines Day! I can't handle the pressure of what other people do on special occasions so I have given myself a pass on comparing my iddy bitty ideas with other people's. I have always given the boys those cheap little boxes of chocolate because they have always thought it was fun to figure out what was in the middle of each one. I have those ready for putting out at breakfast in the morning. I usually give a funny card, but have not gotten that done this year. Oh well, have to think out of the Valentines box. I actually think I am going to just sit down and write each of the people that I love that live in this house a love letter. Yes, that will do. Also, vanilla ice cream with Big Red or vanilla ice cream with Grape juice poured over it for Valentines dessert will be fun too. I hope that your Valentine's Day is a fun and love filled one. Take extra time to hug the one's you love really tight and tell them that you love them. Have a beautiful day! My Valentine...Sidney

My two sweethearts.

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