Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is where it would be nice to be this morning. Dreaming of that water.

Oops, did the sideways picture again. Sorry. I have not figured out how to take a picture off of a post after you have put one on. (No wonder I can't figure out the FAFSA! ha.)
Wes with a starfish that Chance found. St. Martin.

Good morning! My dear husband is off studying for his class for next week and I am home facing several chores that I HAVE to get done. I must complete the FAFSA application and get it in for Will. If you have not ever attempted this colossal task well... just wait. I seriously wonder if I am smart enough to do it right. :) Anyway, that task plus finishing some scripture signs for LTC and grocery shopping and trying to get inspired to write a lesson for Blue Haven. The boys are off on a church retreat and having a super time I am sure.

Well, I hope that your day is a lovely one! Any hints of help for finishing the FAFSA will be welcome! Blessings. Amy

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