Good Sunday Morning.

Good morning. I love spring.

I love hearing the birds chirping away and I love seeing the flowers peeking through the dirt.

I love sitting on the back porch and just for a few minutes soaking up the spring time sun. (Everyone needs their Vit. D!)

There is such beauty around us.
The spring beauty of course does not begin to compare to the beauty in the faces of our loved ones and our children.
Life is but a breath.
I have for so long taken good health and life for granted. I guess as we get older and see friends pass away that the reality of death hits us a little harder. Or, having gone through thyroid cancer even though it was not life threatening thank the good Lord, it was still very concerning and a wake up call.
Don't get me wrong, I long for the day that I hear the trumpets . I pray that perhaps this will be the day that Jesus returns. I look forward to that great day or the day I am blessed to go to glory to see Him. Somehow it is not as hard to think of going yourself, as opposed to seeing loved ones going on.
Yes, I am rambling a bit, sorry. A good friend of mine died yesterday.
His name was Bill Shockley. He owned a recording studio in Dallas and I had occasionally recorded songs with him. He was an interesting and wonderful man. I will miss him.
He loved music so much, and he loved God. I know he is well and strong right now and tipping his head to the side listening to the angels singing and saying, "That is a good sound, and I think we got it!" I look forward to seeing him again and please say a little prayer for Betty, his wife. I can't imagine loosing my best friend. We love you Betty. In this time of heart sickness I pray that your friends will hold you close and point you to Him. Love, Amy
In the wise and warm words of Christopher Robin to Pooh:
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."


Candie said…
That was a beautiful post. After reading The Shack, I have too come to a place in my life where I'm no longer anxious about death. I'm know in my heart I'll be excited about the "what's next" when my time comes, but as you say it can be so hard to be here after someone you love is already gone. I'll be in prayer for Betty.
LovingGranma! said…
I am so proud of you and your blog! You shine the heart of Jesus! Heaven will be a more beautiful place with people like Bill, Prentice, and others who have loved Him, served Him faithfully! I thank the Lord for your wonderful voice, with which you praise Him in song, and love your family, and teach in various ways, and bless your friends. May He bless you always!
Max said…
Is Bill the one that liked your voice so much? I remember your Dad telling me about him and sharing a recording he had done of you when we were at CBH Reunion.
Grief is something I don't like... and I seem to cope with it WORSE the older I get.
Learning to have the feelings and not worry about them.
Love ya, friend.
Amy said…
Yes, he loved our music. And, I agree, it helps not to worry too much about having the feelings. Just let it go and keep living and loving. I miss you!!! Amy
Thanks for the hug!

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