Saturday, March 7, 2009

We Won! Going to the State Basketball Tournament!!

What fun we had in Midland! The Mustangs won their two games against Clyde and Eastland and we are going to Austin next weekend to play in the State Basketball Tournament! It was so fun. Will played incredible defense and rebounded super. He also had a really fun dunk in the 3rd quarter of the last game. We are so proud of him.

Will and his proud Grandfather
Cutting down the net
The Mustangs

After the Clyde win


neecie said...

This is great. I am so excited for y'all. what a great thing for Will's senior year!

Debbie said...

Congrats! I am happy for you!

Amy said...

Thanks you guys!! I will of course let you know what happens. I hope they win out but just getting there is such a great thing! Talk to you soon! Amy

Candie said...

That is so exciting! I love the state basketball tourney as well as the state track weekend. I grew up attending both as my parents were both coaches! I know you are so proud of your son! Hope you ya'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good luck!
Mainly thanks for the words of inspiration.
Candie's Mom

Michelle said...

That's awesome! What a great memory for Senior year!

By the way, that is a great profile shot of daddy Burl :)!

When is the Big game?