Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hey! Anybody ready for this wind to die down? My sinuses need a break!! This sneezing has got to stop! ha.
I need to just be resolved about it being spring and the wind blowing but honestly I would change my zip code right now without much hesitation. ha. Not really...I love this part of the country but the wind does test my toughness this time of year. We were at a track meet yesterday and it blew and blew and blew. Those poor kids had a time of it throwing and running into it. They were troopers. Wes threw the shot and did pretty good. I love the picture below. What a look of effort and determination on his face.

Will placed second I think in the high jump. It was just not a nice day to jump and they all seemed a little bit bothered by the stiff wind.

Even though we are going to have a good old fashioned dust storm today, I promise to be happy and not gripe about it. The day after a good dust storm is always incredibly beautiful. Have you noticed that? I can't wait for Sunday. Blessings! Amy

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CJ said...

That sounds like a post in itself, "The Day after a dust storm is always beautiful". Have a great Sunday!