Thursday, April 2, 2009

Failing Miserably...The Truth for this week

I just talked to my sister in law and she commented on the last entry that I made about bible study. She said she feels overwhelmed at times about not having a scripture or study time everyday for her kids to think about and for herself.
Excuse me and I apologize if that last post sounded like we have it all together even a little bit. For it is not true. We do the best we can and some weeks are just a real challenge. For instance , this week has been so nutty and crazy that I have not cracked my Bible in my usual quiet time NOT ONE TIME this week. Wes has been tired and sleeping in had has not had his quiet time NOT ONE TIME this week. Anyway, as I said we do the best we can and if we only get a snippet of a scripture or thought or encouragement some days, then I am happy for it.

I think I should be more disciplined and make sure it happens, but the truth is that sometimes I am not. I am glad that God is patient and loving.
Have a blessed day! Amy

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CJ said...

Between a full-time job, a toddler, a husband, keeping house, etc.....I try to find other ways to be "fed" besides sitting for a 30 min. time frame in either the bible or a bible study book. I've GOT to break it up to 10 min (sometimes even 2 min) intervals thorugh out my day and I consider quiet time in the car, listening to Christian radio, Christian songs, building relationships with other Christians, BLOG time, and emails ways to be fed. I read some people's blogs as a "daily devotion" and to fulfill my desire for my heart to be "fed" with Biblically based information (cuz you never know what's out there) I've found myself referencing the bible kinda "cross checking" what someone says on a blog....or in conversation...or on the radio. That way I could be sure that what I"m reading on blogs, emails, radio, biblically accurate. Is that a bunch of rattle, or does it make sense to anyone but me?