Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok, I got tagged, so here goes! This is hard, I actually have to think a little!

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Getting up everyday and having quiet time with God and drinking that first cup of coffee.

2. Summer! The annual trips to Blue Haven and Red River

3. Trip to San Diego with our family to celebrate Will graduating

4. Meals when we all sit down together with plenty of time to laugh and talk

5. Every hug and "I love you" that Will and Wes give me.

6. Being with my extended family at Red River and singing in that big tent with thousands of Christians

7. Heaven and seeing Mamamia and DaddyHollis and Bill Shockley and Granny and Grandad and meeting David and Johnathon and Ruth and a whole host of other wonderful people, but mostly meeting my Jesus face to face.

8. Spending the rest of the days of my life with Sid and growing old together.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Planned for the food for Project Graduation

2. Drove my new/used fun!

3. Went to Aggie Muster

4. Washed clothes

5. Cleaned out the garage

6. Had coffee with a good friend

7. Talked to my Mom

8. Held hands with my husband

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Own my own Bed and Breakfast or coffee shop/bookstore

2. Have time to paint

3. Make time slow down so that Will would not leave quite so quickly

4. I wish I could be more focused to be in the word of God more consistently and I wish I could be more joyful and I wish I could have more confidence to tell people about Jesus more freely.

5. I wish I could sit down right now and have a cup of coffee with all the girlfriends that I love.

6. I wish I was at Canton with Jan and Debra and Becky and Mom and Billie and Emily...RIGHT NOW!

7. Was a better wife and mother

8. I wish I could sell my house and buy a motor home and travel the country and see all the sights for at least a year, homeschooling Wes. That would be so fun.

Shows I Watch:

The Weather Channel

HGTV- sometimes
(really only two)

8 Past Times (things I enjoy doing whether I get much time for them or not...)

1. Reading

2. Blogging

3. Watching the boys play sports

4. Taking walks with Sid

5. Traveling...seeing God's beauty in His landscapes

6. Taking hot baths and massages

7. Going home to the farm or to the ranch and enjoying the outdoors and the cows, chickens, dogs, arrowhead hunting, campfires....etc.

8. Singing with my family

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