Friday, May 29, 2009

Ah...the memories

It's 6:00am on graduation day and I am up making strawberry cake and pumpkin muffins. The sun is coming up and I am being a little sentimental. It has been a really busy week and that is good. We have some family coming in today for graduation and it will be a great time. I am just hoping that I can keep it together and not cry (too much). Will does not want me to break down and so I have to be composed. ha. He may just have to understand. Anyway, here are a few pictures that I just wanted to share this morning. I did not have any older pictures on my computer and so I just took some pictures of old pictures and put them on. They are really horrible quality, but hey, I don't much care. They are sweet. Blessings on your day and a big hug to all of the other parents that are cheering their children on at graduations today!
God is so good.

William D. Walker All grown up.

With the cousins and Red River.

DaddyHollis and Will. How was he sleeping?

Jan and Will and I. Wow...we look young and very tired in this picture!

Will and DaddyBurl.

Soccer with friends. Canyon, Texas

Will and cousin Abigail. So cute.
Girls. What can I say?

Will and Uncle Michael at Blue Haven


Amanda Jo said...

Congrats to you and Sid on raising such a wonderful gentleman. One that will truly go out and make a big difference in the world. I pray for Will and for your family as you enjoy your last summer together before he goes off to college. Enjoy this day!!!!

Melinda said...

What a beautiful post and tribute to your son! I will be praying for you this evening.

Debbie said...

I hope you are having a wonderful day! It is bittersweet:) Mine graduated a couple of weeks ago.

Michelle said...

Those are great pics Amy. I can't imagine doing the same post in a few years. I know it goes by way too fast! Thanks for sharing all that you do. I love reading your blog!