Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet At City Hall...May 7th

From the American Family Association:

Meet At City Hall on National Day of Prayer, 2009
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..." Psalms 33:12
May 1, 2009

Dear Friend,
On May 7, I invite you to participate in Meet At City Hall from 12:20 pm to 12:40 pm during the National Day Of Prayer. At thousands of city halls across the country, individuals will gather to pray for a moral rebirth in our country. The National Day of Prayer is an annual event established by an act of Congress which encourages Americans to pray for our nation, its people and its leaders.

Your participation in Meet At City Hall is very simple. Simply show up at your local city hall at 12:20 pm on May 7. There will be others present. Spend the 20 minutes in prayer.

If you want to help promote Meet At City Hall, we suggest you invite members of your Sunday School class or church to join together and organize, as you desire. You can invite some public officials, local pastors, church choirs, etc. to participate. The amount of organization and promotion is entirely up to you. Let us unashamedly take our Light from underneath the basket and set it on a table.

Begin praying now that Meet At City Hall will be blessed by God.

Commit now to participate in Meet At City Hall with your presence at your city hall from 12:20 p.m. until 12:40 p.m. on National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 7, 2009.
Ask clergy in your ministerial association, denomination and other groups to join in organizing and promoting Meet At City Hall in your local community.

Begin advertising Meet At City Hall in your church newsletter and bulletin. Please make it an event of importance.

Use the appropriate committee or person in your local church to help organize and promote Meet At City Hall. Ask them to work with other churches in your community.
Serve as a local coordinator for Meet At City Hall. You can help coordinate Meet At City Hall with other pastors and individuals in your local community.

Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

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