Friday, June 5, 2009

Clouds and Roosters

Good Friday morning! I hope and pray that you are having a great start for your weekend! We have enjoyed the week here at home. Sleeping later than during school time is so wonderful. It is a beautiful day here in west Texas. But, this is what we looked at a few nights ago. At first the clouds were puffy and cotton candyish. They quickly took on the I am going to drop a twister on your head look! Fortunately this did not happen..whew. Anyway, pictures below.

Oh... and I thought I would take some random pictures of the roosters in my kitchen. Ky (my sweet niece) went through the kitchen counting roosters last time she was here. It think her count was up in the 50 something. I love roosters, but have wanted to have an elegant kitchen like so many of my friends have. I have had to give that desire up. Roosters are just not too elegant, and I just can't seem to part from any of my rooster friends.
I guess I have a farmhouse, garage sale, country store, down home kitchen. We like it. Here are just a sample of some of the roosters that live in my kitchen, and joyful scripture for the day:

"Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven." Luke 10:20

Cotton candy cloud
Mean cloud

Rooster that Sid and the boys gave me.

Little rooster from my lovely Kentucky relatives
Silly, but loved rooster from Mexico. Michael brought it to me for Christmas one year. You pour out of his mouth. What a hoot.
Roosters everywhere.
The two roosters that started all the rooster stuff. My grandfather, DaddyHollis gave me these roosters when I was about twelve years old. They are salt and pepper shakers.
Rooster Lamp.
Rooster plates. :)
Another Rooster lamp. Thanks Michael!
Rooster B and B sign plus happy signs from Canton.

Rooster that guards the coffee pot and tells us to rise and shine and wake up!!!
This rooster print really started all of the rooster giving that comes my way. I got this at Canton Trade Days about 20 years ago. Such happy, colorful roosters.
My Dad has had chickens for as long as I can remember. He does not always have roosters but at different times he has had them around. I remember nearly being killed by a mean rooster on the farm when I was about 10 years old. Well, I thought I was going to be killed. My Grandfather saved me. :) I think we had the ringing of the rooster neck soon after. ha.
Blessings on your day. Amy


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Hi Amy: Thanks for your sweet comments. I was talking with Michelle Wednesday night at church. How neat to know you gals are related! I am interested in borrowing some of her CD's of your family's singing! BTW, love the cloud pics!

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