Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Honey, Pepperdine, Morro Bay...San Francisco

Vacation pictures day two! Before I go any further I wanted to tell you guys about an incredible book I am reading. My cousin Cindy Fisher and her husband told us about it and so Will and I bought it in San Francisco. It is really inspiring and very challenging. It is called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. I am only in the fifth chapter but am really loving reading it.

We went to the doctor this morning to have a mole taken off of Will's head. The doc says he does not think it is anything to worry about, but I would appreciate your prayers that the biopsy will be negative. Thanks! are more, many more pictures. Love you guys. Blessings. Amy

This is me and my honey. The song that is playing is his favorite. Michael Buble. I love it too, and I love you Sid. This picture was taken in front of the chapel at Pepperdine.
Looking out the Admissions office windows at Pepperdine. Wes would love to go there but we would have to hit an oil well or something for that to happen! It is only $50,000 a year to go. Ouch.
Swimming pool. Can you imagine going to school on this campus? The beauty could be a distraction, but it would be fun.
Starbucks in Malibu. Did not see one movie star. ha.

Incredible tree in front of the gym at Pepperdine.

Kayaking with our sweet cousins in Morro Bay. The boys loved doing this. Thank you Uncle Mike!!!
Will said that sea lions...BIG ones, were swimming out there beside them as they were paddling around. He said it was almost too exciting. Yikes.
Picture taken out by Morro Bay rock.

Sweet, wonderful, fun Uncle Mike and Aunt Gail with their daughter Cindy and family. Thanks so much to all of you for your hospitality and for beds to sleep on and for the wonderful pizza and coffee and muffins and brownies and game of Apples to Apples! Most of all thank you for the fellowship and time to visit. I will cherish the visit for a long time. Love you guys.
Interesting flowers.
This picture is for Brad and Debra, Colt, Chance and Casey, Mom and Dad, Michael, Jan, Zane, Ben and Ky. Thought you would love it, we did.
Our rent car. This was a stop up on highway 1 on the way to San Francisco. It was like being in the "Twilight Zone". The people in this little cafe were scary. Sorry that sounded rude, but so true.
View from highway 1. (Pacific Coast Highway)

Sea Lions in San Francisco

Weirdness at Fisherman's Wharf
A submarine that we took a tour of. Will loved seeing this Uncle Mike! Thanks for the idea.

The boys.
Candy shop.
Goofiness in the candy shop.
The flowers were unbelievably beautiful.

Street performer at Fisherman's Wharf


China Town

Just Do It faces. Union Square.
Cable Car.
Our hotel we stayed in where Sid's conference was.

The bush man on the sidewalk. He would hide then jump out at people and growl. It was really funny except when he got me. Very entertaining.

Chocolate anyone?

Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge. A little scary but fun.


Lombard Street. Pretty cool.

Well, thanks for taking time to look at these. Tomorrow will be San Diego. Then I will get more back to normal on my posts. Blessings! Have a great day. Amy


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to hop on a plane and check out the amazing scenery! Glad to hear you all had a great vacation!

Candie said...

So my mom is here and her and my dad went saw some of the exact same sites a couple of years ago. She recognized the sea lions first....they were her favs.....then she began recognizing the other pictures. It was beautiful!

Michelle said...

I love all the pics Amy! San Francisco is so fun. We saw the same bush man a couple of years ago. He probably makes more money than I do as a teacher! :)

Blessings to you as you prepare for Will's next chapter in life...