Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hmm....too much to say...

Howdy! Goodness. I don't think I have ever gone this long without blogging. We have been on a mission trip to Albuquerque and then immediately went to Graham for football camp for Wes and Will helped to work it. Now, we have 3 days until Will leaves for college. Truthfully, I have put off showing or feeling any emotion about this fateful event this whole past year. Now, with three days left I feel like my heart is going to break. Don't worry Mom, I am going to be ok, but right now...I have so many words I would like to type and things to say but my brain is scrambled at best and I am struggling to just handle these emotions.

I am so excited for him and all that lies before him, but his departure will leave a large six foot six hole in all of our hearts. I promise to blog about our mission trip and trip to Graham and other things about our summer but for now just know I love you all and I cherish your prayers for us and all the other families that are going through saying goodbye to our children. We do this knowing that things will never be the same, but feeling sure it will be ok with the Lord's help. God loves our children more than I do and that is A LOT!

Talk to you soon. Blessings. Amy


Leslie said...

Sweet Amy,
This time is coming our way too.... all too quickly. What precious sons you have. I will pray for JOY and for transition that will shower blessings. We are planning to send Will a graduation something to his school address, so could you send it to us when you can? We are proud to know you. Leslie M

Candie said...

I'm so sad for you. I just can't imagine the day that Cannon will leave home. There are so many exciting times ahead though and so much that he'll be proud to come home and share with you as he continues to grow in to his own person. Much love and prayers.