Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy, FUN week ahead!

Good morning! It is a Monday all the way. Have you ever substituted for a seventh grade math class? I wouldn't advise you do so if you are menopausal and hypothyroid and even the least little bit tired. Need I say more?

Anyway, home now and bless those little busy hearts, they seem sweeter now that I have left the classroom. not.

OK, maybe I am just too old for this. ha. I am sure that is the problem.

Looking ahead, we have a great football game on tap for this Thurs. against a top rivalry. Should be a good match up. We then get to HEAD TO ARKANSAS to see our wonderful oldest son for Family Weekend at Harding. I have tried to keep really busy and just pray hard for Will and not dwell on the fact he is gone, but now that we are three or so days away from hugging his neck...I am so thrilled and cannot stop thinking about getting in the car and driving (forever) and seeing what his life is really like in person! Miss that boy! Wes even misses him and is excited about seeing him again.

Oh, on another random note, I am probably not supposed to tell this because my Dad warned me sternly not to tell anyone here in Raider country, but Colt was not feeling well at all on Sat. during the Tech game. I would say he played like Superman seeing as he had the swine flu at the time.

Oh, and Taylor Potts is for real. He is going to have a great future in football. I don't think I have seen any quarterback take any harder hits than he took and still get up to play the next series. He takes a lickin and keeps on tickin ,and accurately too.

Just a silly picture from last Halloween. Miss you Will! See you soon!

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