This lovely bird was in our front yard tree just enjoying the day. I think she was trying to soak up the last sunshine and heat of the summer. These cooler temperatures are so wonderful. I will miss the flowers and robins and warmth of summer but I love fall so much!

I love...

Cold fronts that bring refreshing cool air and watching them rolling in from the north.

Being wrapped in your favorite blanket with a thermos of hot coffee and yelling for your football team

Sweatshirts and jeans weather

Cheerful fires in the fireplace

The time change which seems to allow for more evening family time at home

Yummy pumpkin and spice candles

Crunchy leaves, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and seeing family

Warm socks, snuggling with the ones you love

Large pots of soup and cornbread or homemade rolls

Hot cups of apple cider and trips out to the corn maze

Pumpkin cake, muffins, bread...soup...just the smell of spices cooking

The color of the leaves as they die. Interesting to me that something dying can be so beautiful. (There is a lesson for Christians in that I believe.)

Well, I just love fall and the changing of the seasons. Thank you God for all of the beauty around us. Help us not to ever take any of it for granted but to always have open eyes and hearts to drink it in and to be thankful.

Blessings. Amy


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