Weekend in Arkansas

We had a whirlwind weekend in Arkansas visiting Will at Harding. It was so incredible to see our boy. He has gotten a lot bigger and his neck is thicker from the football workouts and lifting. He seems pretty happy but a little more homesick than he has been letting on. I think that is very normal for the first semester of college for most all freshmen. I think he may be more homesick for Texas than for his family! ha. Anyway, he is coming home in a few weeks for fall break and we CANNOT wait! He is one wonderful kiddo and we are so blessed to have such great boys. Here are a few pictures of the weekend. I did not take as many as I had planned on taking. Just forgot and was enjoying the time.
I am not sure if this eating establishment was in Ark. or Okla. Which ever it was, it just struck us as quite funny. No, we did not pig out here. :)
This was the sign out in front of the Pig out Palace.

There must have been some huge motorcycle rally somewhere in Arkansas this weekend. I think we saw every biker in the country. Very interesting. Lots of them looked like they had been in bar room brawls also with bloody heads and noses and bandages on their heads. Wow.

Eating at one of Will's favorite places. Chicken fingers.
Harding Univ. cafeteria. Blurry picture. We were having fun.

Fountain. Just a nice pic. I think there is a lot of swimming and jumping in this attraction.

Just a pretty walkway on campus.
The crew in Will and Dylan's room. We watched Colt play UTEP in here. It was a good time.

This is Wes after one fun night in the dorm. Tired young man but he said it was great fun!
Harding football. A beautiful field.

We are home and pretty tired, but ready for a great week. Blessings on your week too! Amy


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