Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big 12 Game

Way to play Colt! You took the hits and kept on getting up and were more brave than millions of other men would have been! Gritty, tough and wonderful! So proud of you! Good teams find a way to win! On to California!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

I was so excited for Colt and his entire team. What a close one! I shocked Joshua by screeching with delight when the field goal was good! I love seeing him pray on the field too! Your families example & faith is something that I know God is proud of!

Candie said...

No matter what it was a great game because it was a "W". So proud of you Colt and all of your family!

Michelle said...

I'm not sure I have been so in to a game in my life! Except maybe when my HS FB team won the state championship and I was a cheerleader. Thats great you will get to go to Cali! I can't wait for that game!

By the way, did colt get a chance to see that Halloween pic of the two little boys I sent w/ you?


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wow...that was a close hubby and I were cheering on the Horns! I only got to see the last 1 minute...WOW!