Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cloudy Saturday

I wish you could hear what I hear.
Well...maybe not. "Shut up!", "Bam"!, "You loose"!...
Good grief, why are boys and husbands included so competitive in EVERYTHING? First this morning it was ping pong with Will beating Wes, just a minute ago I heard, "shut up" coming from the dining room table where a heated game of "42" was going on. Wes is winning, and yes, I have told them for years not to say shut up. Wasted breath I think. I guess it could be worse don't you think? Anyway, enjoying a cloudy, maybe going to be rainy day and loving having everyone under this roof together. Nice.

But...I do have a problem. I opened a cabinet in my kitchen this morning and a very NOT NICE smell came wafting out. Unfortunately I have smelled this before. I hate to say it but I am afraid we might have something dead in the wall behind the cabinets. Heaven help us. I have no idea what we will do if it is the case. Gross and it makes me mad. Very mad. Need to go for a walk and pray that when I get back I will find that it was my imagination and very over active nose and not a dead mouse or something in the wall.

On a happier note, I just finished the book "Fireproof". Wow, it was good. I really want to see the movie now. Such great insight on helps for your marriage and for marriages that are failing. I highly suggest reading it. I have also started attending a class on "Esther" by Beth Moore. It is going to be wonderful I think. I am excited about it.

Well...hope your day is a lovely one. Blessings.

New home for my borrowed wicker furniture. Thanks Mama.
Still have not figured out where to put this stuff yet. :(

The "42" game. Mean looks from two but Will can't look very mean.


YogaAndBirth said...

How cute! I love the sounds of a rowdy family! I guess that's just because I'm an only child and was raised in a very quiet house. Good luck with the mouse situation. :)

Candie said...

I passed along an award to you on my blog. Check it out.

Mardi said...

Amy we did the Esther study last year at Eastside and it is one of my very favorites! You will love it. Also, have you ever read the book Wild At Heart by John Elderedge? I just started reading it because Koby was reading it. He said he felt like it was written just for of course, I had to see what THAT was all about! I've only read two chapters but so far I really like it and it's giving me some good insight.

I think those front flower beds are going to need some new healthy soil mixed in. Remember, spend 75% of your money on soil prep and 25% on the plants. Love you!!