Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I've been thinking alot this morning about Michael and Jan's house and their situation. They are being well taken care of by the insurance company, praise the Lord! They sustained around 70 thousand dollars worth of damage. Whew...anyway I hope that not all of Jan's lovely things that she had in her house are gone. She has such a way with decorating on a dime and everything looking so welcoming and beautiful. I am so proud of the how they are handling all of this. I think they foremost in their minds is glorifying God in it all. I think they are quite wonderful. I am also very thankful that no one was hurt and Jan was moved by the Lord to come home and catch it in time so that the whole house did not burn down. God is good. These are some pictures I took in their house about 3 months ago. Lovely.

Shelf in Ky's room

Sitting area in living room. See Sandy in the window? I think I have posted this before. Probably posted all of these before. Anywoo...

This picture is so dark that you can hardly see what the scripture says but it is (was) a large wall hanging that Jan made. I am afraid this might not have made it through the fire. It was on the wall where the fire started above it.
The saying above is very appropriate, don't you think? Amen.
Love this.
Goofy picture of our families. I so love everyone in the picture. So much I could cry. Thank you God for this wonderful family and my beautiful sister Jan. An interesting fact is that Jan is the only girl in her family just like me. She lost a sister to "Sids" before Jan was born and her name was Amy. God knew we needed each other as sisters and I am so thankful for her.
Appreciate your continued prayers for their family. Thank you friends! Amy

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Michelle said...

Thank you for the update Amy, I have been very concerned. Do they know how it started?
Glad to hear they are being well taken care of and surrounded by love!