Taking a Short Walk Down Memory Lane...

I guess this is retro day for me. Wes bought me an "Abba" greatest hits for Christmas I have been singing along and going through lots of stuff trying to get us all settled in this house. I was about there until Will decided to move home and go to school here! woo hoo! I love it but when he brought in all of his totally filled pickup load of stuff we had to kind of start over moving in. :) So...I have been listening to Mamamia, Take a Chance on Me, Super Trooper (why do I love that song so much? WEIRD.) etc. and going through lots of things.

I guess when you move (alot) every time you find things that you forgot you had or thought you had lost. This includes pictures. I have to admit I am not the most organized person especially with my pictures. (Don't have a heart attack my friends that are scrapbookers! Sorry, just not my thing.) Anyway, I found a box of pictures and have loved walking down memory lane for a few minutes. My how time flies. These five pictures are very random and are from different times in our life.

Psalm 144:4 (New Living Translation)
For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow

Maybe my favorite picture of the boys. What precious children.
The one on the left looks like he is up to something. :)

Random photo taken at an event at Tech many years ago when Bob Knight spoke. And no, he cannot speak without being a potty mouth.
Wes and Sid at an event at SFA 10 years ago.
My Daddy, Mama and me at an ACU cross country meet in Abilene long long ago.
Well, I hope that if you are having a retro day that you are enjoying it too. Now, back to reality. Basketball and thinking of something for supper. Blessings.


Candie said…
The first picture made me tear up. I know that Cannon will be grown before I know it. I just want to wrap him up, just the way he is now, with his little voice, little hands and little lips and keep him that way forever. I feel like I connect with you/your blog on that b/c you show pictures and speak occasionally of when the boys were little. Thanks for sharing. Glad you've got them both home again - if only for a while.
Michelle said…
Love the photos Amy. That last one really captures how much you look like your dad. You have such beautiful striking features.

Have fun getting your house all settled :)

Kristi said…
Oh Amy, I so relate to your post today. I have spent a number of hours looking through pictures from the past. I love looking at yours. I hope to post some soon on my new blog!!! Glad all are home under one roof. Love and miss you so much!!
Mardi said…
Love the verse. Time goes by so fast. I went through all of our photos (not organized either) when Koby graduated high school and again 3 years later when Elizabeth graduated. It's fun and nostalgic. Love ya!

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