Monday, February 1, 2010

Aggie Basketball and The Fire...

Great Monday morning! I pray that all is well with you and yours! We enjoyed a wonderful two days in College Station with Sid's Dad. He took us to an Aggie basketball game and out to eat yummy Mexican food. Thanks DaddyBob! I had not been to an Aggie basketball game in a long time. I can't believe how much fun it was. Those students really get into the game. Will is excited about getting to A&M in the fall and so this just added fuel to the fire of his intent to get there. We saw Abigail our niece and her boyfriend Scott. It was just a good time!

The Aggie's beat Texas Tech by about 10 points I think. Tech played really well though. Great game.
Kids having fun.
They said that we were a part of the biggest crowd ever in that venue. It was really loud.
The pictures below are some of Jan and Michael's fire in their house. Jan called last week and told me all about how it happened. She needs to write a book about it. :)
Her story was very inspiring and showed how God took really good care of them all. A little background story: Some of their best friends and people we all love, the Fitzgeralds had been living in Michael's house for around two weeks because their house had flooded from a broken pipe that had broken in their attic. Michael and Jan were living out at the ranch house while they stayed in the house.
The day before the fire Melissa and Sean decided they needed to move out and arranged another place to stay. Jan and Michael decided to just stay one more night at the ranch for some reason. It was the next morning that Jan stopped by the house for a minute before going to work on Blue Haven stuff at the church. This is what the fire chief told her after the fire while he was walking her through the house explaining what happened...

1. He said that this type of fire that starts in the attic (electrical) and that it sucks oxygen out of the house trying to get enough to flame. He said that if anyone had slept in the house the night before that they probably would not have woken up. There was a high chance they could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. He then showed her a pipe that was in the attic running right above where the fire started. It was the gas line. He said that for the life of him he does not understand why it did not blow. Jan just looked at him and said, "I KNOW why it did not blow. God was taking care of us". Amen.

3. He also told her that if she had come home any later, even minutes that just her opening the door might have caused a flash fire harming her and causing the fire to get out of control. Once again she assured him that God was involved in the timing.

I am so thankful for God's children that can give Him glory in the hard times. They can witness to His great provision and care even in the midst of what might look like to outsiders...a tragedy or hardship. The insurance is taking great care of them. They have been so astounded at the fact that Michael and Jan are not trying to get as much money as they can. They can't believe that they will just stay out at the ranch house instead of a hotel. (We are either pointing people to God and His truth's in our life or we are showing people when we are selfish that we are just out for ourselves. I think that they are showing in this that even in the small everyday dealings with people that you can have an influence for God by just doing the right thing.)

One other blessing that we have thought about since this happened is this: They have been thinking about building a house out on the ranch land. They have decided after being out there for a few weeks that it would work and be a great thing. As hard as this is with all of the repairs and new electrical in their house it will sell so much better than (of course) it would have before the fire. A blessing in the midst of a tough time.

See the copper looking pipe? Gas line.
So, here is a prayer that we count our blessings this week with great joy! For it is true that all of this will eventually burn and it is just stuff. Our mission is to glorify our AWESOME God in all we do and bring people to know His saving Grace and Salvation! Blessings! Amy


Elizabeth Mullins said...

AMy, You are right! She does need to write a book! I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes and get chills as I read how God took care of them! Our God is SO big and mighty!

Shana said...

So thankful!! God is amazing!

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