Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brad Join's "The Flippen Group"

Press Release
Brad McCoy, Championship Coach and father of UT
quarterback, Colt McCoy, joins The Flippen Group.

February 9, 2010,

Coach Brad McCoy announced today that he is joining The Flippen Group.

The Flippen Group is a world leader in talent development and organizational performance strategies in the corporate, sports and educational arenas. McCoy’s addition will increase Flippen’s influence and programs in their sports department that currently works with individual athletes at all levels and a variety of professional sports teams.

The Flippen Group is dedicated to building high performing teams.
For nearly two decades, schools, universities, and numerous Fortune 500 Companies have adopted The Flippen Group’s personal and organizational performance processes.
The Flippen Group’s sports department works with individual athletes, NASCAR Teams, and
provides player development consulting for the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees.

“Brad’s addition to our company will have a dramatic impact on our ability to grow our sports group. Brad is one of the nation’s top coaches and one of the finest men I know.
Brad’s abilities as a coach, speaker, educator and father are well known.
What an honor to get to work with along time friend and outstanding professional.”
Flip Flippen, President and founder of The Flippen Group.

Brad McCoy brings 28 years of team building experience to The Flippen Group. Brad will be a leader in the Flippen’s sports department working with athletes, coaches and teams at all levels.
Brad will also work closely with The Flippen Group’s educational department to develop youth sports camps and teach personal performance strategies to coaches.

“I have dedicated my life to instilling leadership and the value of team in the hearts and minds of young men and women throughout my coaching career.
Now I have the opportunity to take these proven principles and strategies to athletes and coaches all across America, and make a greater impact in the lives of individuals and
Brad McCoy

Every organization and team faces the same challenge – unifying to achieve common goals. For this to happen, every member must be motivated and equipped to reach his or her full potential and advance the efforts of the team.
When top performance is the norm, a organization becomes more productive, competitive and profitable.

“Brad and Debra have raised three thoroughbred sons; impact players on and off the field. Brad has coached three high school football programs to multiple state championship games. He has accomplished all this and more with great integrity, a passion for sports and as a role model for kids, parents and coaches. We are thrilled to have Brad McCoy as our teammate. Brad will now apply his talents to making The Flippen Group the athletic world’s “go to”company for talent development.”

Lee Bason Partner and Sports Group Leader The Flippen Group works with CEOs, business leaders, athletes, educators and coaches to capitalize on individual strengths and overcome
personal constraints.

The Flippen Group’s processes foster and support specific skills, behaviors and relationships that clear the way to success in every area of life.
For more information or to schedule an interview with Brad McCoy contact:
Sarah Dodds P: 713-806-7227
F: 713-513-4865


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