Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colt Encourages a Sweet Young Man Named Zach...Pause the music and smile.

After push from McCoy, Wakeland High student walks
5:10 AM Tue, Feb 09, 2010

Jessica Meyers/Reporter
It's not often the Frisco ISD school board meeting makes people cry.
But last night it did. The remaining audience teared when Superintendent Rick Reedy ended the meeting with a videotaped segment from a Wakeland High student.
Zachary Wester, a 15-year-old with cerebral palsy, has been struggling to walk for the past six years. He tried recently in front of friends and family, after a call from former University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.


Mardi said...

Smile....more like cry! That was awesome! It's amazing the influence Colt can have over someone. I'm so thankful that Colt uses his gifts to the glory of God.

YogaAndBirth said...

aaaaaand everybody at Starbucks is now wondering why I'm blubbering into my coffee.

Candie said...

Sweet!!!! Glad you found a great clip! Lance is actually at Cenntenial - but he's in the special education department and received the email from the same department over at Wakeland!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I watched this with my kid's! Even though I had to put a little one in timeout for hitting his sister with a tampon in hand, I got choked up and used that time to talk to my kid's about being thankful for being healthy and being able to walk! Thank you!