Friday, February 5, 2010

"A domino laid is a domino played!"

The boys and Sid and DaddyBob are in a heated 42 game right now. Just to let you know how much they love playing domino's...they won't stop to eat supper and they LOVE TO EAT! I learned a long time ago that I did not have thick enough skin to play with this group! I can do it sometimes but most of the time I am not serious enough or competitive enough for them to play with ME! Ridiculous. So, I thought I would just document the event with a few pictures and some shots from our dinner last with with Sid's co-workers from his office. Oh and by the way...the sun was out today! hip hip hurray!!!!
Lots of laughing and some thoughts of backhanding a few people at this table.
What is it with domino playing? It is like a cult thing. ha.
We did not play games much when I was growing up. It is fun to see my boys involved in a game they love and I like it that it does not require a power cord to play. ahh...

This shot is of a sweet little boy that was at the house last night for dinner. I think his name was Emerson. He was precious. He had just walked up to Will and grabbed his hand. I thought when he looked up and it was not his Dad that he would run away but he just smiled at Will and went on eating and holding hands. By the time I took the picture he was leaning on Will's leg just happy as a clam. Precious.
Flowers that Sid brought me about a week ago. They have stayed lovely. What a nice surprise that was. Considering that he thought I was about to have a nervous was a nice touch!
Brisket that I cooked in the cooker Mom gave me for Christmas. It was pretty good but looks weird in this picture. That top piece looks like a little bird sticking it's head up looking at the rooster behind the cooker. Wow...I am strange.
Pinto beans. You know how women on other blogs take pictures of their yummy food and post them? I tried, what can I say. This looks gross.
Well...have a great weekend. Planning on sleeping a little later tomorrow. Sounds nice.
Thought for the weekend:
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God.
1 John 3:1

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Candie said...

Two things:
1: I've listened to God this week closer than ever before - yet I feel He's spoken louder to me than ever before. Colt's post game comments have yet to leave my heart and certainly played a part in my week as well.
2: A kid at Lance's school in one of the life skills classes was been learning to walk. His reward for walking 50 feet was a personal telephone recorded message from Colt. It WAS awesome. If you'll send me an email address I'll forward the email to you. Praise God for the family who raised him to be the man he is. You all are special.