Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunshine, please.

Good morning. Need a little sunshine, please...even just a little. Moving from a sunny place to mostly a rainy place takes a little getting used to. I guess it makes you really appreciate the sunny days that come around every once or MAYBE twice a week. Well, lately anyway.
I have enjoyed the rain though, I love hearing it fall on the house.

We are having the wonderful people that Sid works with over tonight for brisket. I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out yummy and tender. Cooking a pot of beans, Mom's cheesy potatoes, avocado/sun dried tomato salad, Mary Helen rolls and strawberry cake. Should be a fun time.

Loving the Beth Moore bible study on Esther. Here is my favorite quote from yesterday's video:
"Mean girls dress provocatively around other women's men. Keep your breasts to yourself, mean girls. Cover up the places that are not meant for any one's eyes but your husbands."
Love that! Amen.

Last bit of family news is that I took Wes in yesterday because he has had a bad cold and can't seem to shake it. He has pneumonia. Yes. that is right. Bad mother. I waited too long to get him in. The doc is also concerned about how his heart sounds. He is going to have him wear a holter monitor for 24 hours this weekend to check it out. I am not too worried about this because he had been diagnosed with an innocent murmer way back when he was a little boy. Of course, we will completely check it out. He is mad because he will miss his basketball game tomorrow. He is still sleeping. Thanks for a little prayer for our gentle giant. Blessings on your day. Amy

This is how it looks this morning...
Dreaming of this...

Or camping in Big Bend. warm and wonderful.

Big Bend. Spring Break...yes I think so. :)


abnzachsmom said...

You're not missing any sunshine here....we've had lots of rain and clouds here lately and more to come. I remember having dinner at your house when I worked for Sid and I think I have dreams about those rolls that you make!Yummo!! Lucky group that gets to come to your house tonight!
Carol R.

YogaAndBirth said...

Well, it's been snowing or raining, and very overcast here in Kentucky since Christmas. But mostly snow. I'm in good spirits, though, so I must not have Seasonal Affective Disorder. :) I am getting pasty white and blotchy and NEED some sun on my face. May even have to resort to the tanning bed if this doesn't clear up my March.