Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Need What? Tomorrow?!!

This young man below is really good at last minute requests. He is in Spanish 3 and they had some sort of Fiesta planned for today that he did not tell us about until 9:00pm last night. He said that we just had to whip up something called Flan and that his whole grade and the grades of his fellow project people's grades depended on "The Flan". You probably don't need to know my true reaction while I was sitting on the couch (already in my red robe) enjoying whatever was on. (Aggie Basketball.) Luckily I WAS already in my robe and was not the one chosen to go to the store for the ingredients that Wes said he was sure we already had! So, Sid made the trek to Kroger with Wes. I got up this morning at 5:30am to try to make Flan, which I have never attempted before. I got Wes up just to enjoy the time together! ;) Anyway, we got it done after 4 hours of cooking the gooey thing and hopefully a GOOD grade will be reported soon! Aren't kids fun?!!!!

This is the sweetheart! In this picture his hair was a bit out of control...can't really tell because of his hat, but we bugged him to cut it for a while.
This is Wes now after he decided to just BUZZ it! You just never know.

Love this boy, but I might "skin him alive" if he pulls a Flan thing again!
Blessings. Amy

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YogaAndBirth said...

Haha, I totally did that kind of stuff too.