Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am Needy

You received the Spirit of son ship. And by Him we cry, "Abba Father."
The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children.

Romans 8:15-16

Comforting words. And I need them. Why am I so needy at times in my life? Not needy as in a whinny, talkie, needy with people kind of way but... a thirsty...dry heart? The only thing that can quench this need is God. Why is it that we can't all just cruise along on even keel? Why do I have to keep learning over and over that I need to stay close to Him? Closer and closer.
Satan sure messes with me when I neglect being in the Word.

I am needy. This move has wiped me out. Going through the motions while not giving God the proper time in my life has made me a shell of a person and not a very nice one.
Studying God's Word turns my upside down heart and life back right side up.
I am thankful.

Right now though, my heart is troubled about the details of my life. Am I doing enough for God, am I too comfortable and blinded by my easy life? My heart wants to sell it all and move to a mission field and work. My mind tells me that I am living in a mission field. How do I take my love for God's word and love for Him out into my world? I want to please Him...I want to live out loud. I know I can do that in lots of ways and do, but do you ever have a burning to do it in a better way?

So...I guess we do the best with where we are and what ever situation we are in. I am so blessed. I just want to live out God's plan for my life...and not miss it. Open my eyes Lord.
Help me to walk closely with You. Help me not to miss opportunities that you have for me to be a witness for You and to speak Your name.

Blessings on us all today to have the strength and guidance of our Lord to do His will in our lives. Amy


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Amy, I appreciate your humble heart. I too have had the same feelings at many times in my life. I pray that I am a bright light for Jesus, not just a little flicker. It's nice to hear I am not alone in this.

Candie said...

Thank you for sharing. I feel the same way more often than not. I identified with everything you shared.

Red Fish said...

You really bless by heart with your words. So well spoken and so true.
Thanks for sharing from your heart.
Candie' Mom

Liz Crittenden said...

Keep on askin' the questions
(and don't be afraid of the answers:) but just keep on walking' with Him.

BIG HUGS, dear friend.
Walkin' with ya,