Saturday, March 27, 2010

Run Forrest Run!

Sid has been training for a run in Tyler for a few months. It was a 10k and 2 mile run. Sid ran and I walked the two mile. I could not believe how many people participated. Ten years ago when we lived in East Texas he ran in this 10k. I remember that Mom was visiting and we took the boys over to watch him run. Will was 9 years old and Wes was 6. The azaleas were all blooming that year. The run is down winding, brick streets with beautiful old houses. This year it has been unusually cold and so the azaleas are not out yet but it was still very beautiful. We had a great time. He was shooting to just make it under an hour because he is just getting started running again. He made it and I am proud of him! I just walked and took pictures and enjoyed all of the fun going on around me. Nice day.

Starting line. There were just as many people behind us as there were in front of us.
Long line of runners. Sid is up there somewhere.

He said he was about to die right here!
I had to take a picture of this cute little hound dog. So sweet.

Determined to beat the people behind him!
Actually he said he could not have cared less if they passed him or not. :)

Hope that your weekend has been a happy, blessed one. Love, Amy

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