Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday, Monday! It is cold and rainy here today. I have had to take Wes to the doc this morning and now Will has come home feeling under the weather! We all need some sunshine or we will all be under the weather! Anyway, I am making La Madeleine tomato soup (for me) and mac and cheese out of the box for Will right now. What a combination! Below are a few pictures from our weekend jaunt to Houston for the BBQ Cook off that takes place the weekend before the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo start. Had a good time with the boys and Sid. It was a work trip for Sid with Nac. county and SFA hosting a BBQ booth.

We went down early and stopped in the outskirts of Houston at a shopping area and looked around a bit. It was a really cool square area and they had a live band and petting zoo going. I wanted to eat at La Madeleine but of course it was too GIRLY for the guys to eat there.
Oh brother. So I had to be satisfied just taking a picture of it.
My short haired sweetheart
Bunny gone hairy crazy.
Love this rooster.
Cutest little bunny ever.

The guys sitting and soaking up the sun!
I love these goofy people.
Interesting people protesting the BBQ and rodeo. Safe to say that they are not beef eaters.
Kind of cool. We had to walk through the carnival area to get to the BBQ area.
I guess I am a fan of taking crazy looking people pictures. I enjoy it.
This place was hopping. SO many people. I don't know what those girls were laughing at. Probably us being the only people that were not smoking or drinking at that moment. :)
Sid and Trey in front of the SFA BBQ and Nac. County booth. Great food, fellowship and fun. What can I say?

Don't mess with this guy. He will sick his stuffed devil animal on you.
I have not been to a carnival in a long time but my, the stuffed prizes have GROWN! This one was cool!
This is how I felt at the end of the long evening. Tired.
I pray that your Monday is a good one. Blessings. Amy

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Liz Crittenden said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip with you! I enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing your commentary.
Would have loved to have been there--
Just without the crowds!
Miss ya!