Monday, April 12, 2010

C. Station Weekend...

Great times from Thurs., Wesley's track meet to being in College Station with DaddyBob. We went to an Aggie baseball game, the boys and Sid and his Dad went fishing all day on Sat., worship on Sunday and Aggie Football practice in the afternoon. Good stuff. Will talked to the Recruiting coach and things look pretty positive to walk on if he gets accepted in school. He is very excited and ready to work hard. Anyway, busy week going on here with lots needing to be done in the garden area and flower beds. Of course TONS of laundry, wisdom teeth check up tomorrow for Will. I have to teach Ladies Bible class on Wed. night. (HELP!!!!) Still waiting for inspiration from the Lord. Teaching gives me hives. Seriously. Wes has his district track meet on Thurs. all day and then we are helping with a Youth retreat on Friday and Sat. Of course I hope to take time off to be on our Town Square on Sat. for the Tax Day Tea Party. Life is busy and good. I pray that your life is good and that we can all strive to continue to walk the walk and talk the talk. Just some pictures...
This is how our boys like a burger. Heavens to Betsy!
Aggie Baseball Stadium
The crowd. So fun.
Random picture of the boys.
Wes caught me. :)
And this is his look saying, "Mom, you are a creeper. Stop taking my picture!"
Will and his grandfather.
The Men
Will at the Aggie Football practice, with Lee

Wes throwing the disk at his last track meet.
Thanks for looking at my pictures of these sweet boys. Love em.
Blessings! Amy


Liz Crittenden said...

I love getting to be a little part of ya'lls lives through your blog!
How is Wes settling into life there?
You? Have had ya'll on my heart lately.
The burger looks amazin!! I think I could sink MY teeth into one of those!
Love ya!

Lynette Hart said...

Great pictures, Amy! The look that Wes was giving you, "mom, don't be a creeper"...I have had that look MANY times from Bailey! Hey, if that's the heaviest of the baggage we leave them with - then, hey - life is good!

Enjoyed seeing you on youtube!

Love you much!