Friday, April 2, 2010

Jon Foreman Concert

Will and I went to a free Jon Foreman concert on Thurs. Jon Foreman is the lead singer for the Christian band Switchfoot. Will is a great fan of this group and this was a treat to get to see him sing live in a small room with him playing just his guitar. He writes beautiful songs about Jesus. I am thankful for him and how he reaches young people (and old) with his music. It was a good evening. Very encouraging and uplifting.

Will even got to meet him and shake his hand. Good stuff.

Blessings on your Saturday. Our family is hanging out together today. Going to some old, fun places we used to go when the kids were young. I am thankful the boys are putting up with us! ha. I am also thankful today for so many blessings: our health is good, our family at this moment is all under the same roof, we all love Jesus, we have a wonderful church family to serve with, we have lovely friends here and afar, God has provided us with an overabundance of comforts.

And the small things that thrill my heart this morning...the hummingbirds are here, the flowers are growing and lovely, I hear the birds singing, I saw the sun rise, but most of all...Jesus rose from the grave and my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving that I am His.

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