Wednesday, May 12, 2010

California...Road Trip, Part One

Malibu Beach

Zuma Beach Flowers

Zuma Beach

Sweet Little Statue in front of the Starbuck's in Malibu
Starbucks Patio. Malibu

Balboa Beach

Ruby's on Balboa Pier. Love that place.
Some guy let us reel in a few fish. I used to fish off this pier with my Aunt Glenna. So fun.
Balboa Beach

Blessings on your day and I will write soon about the Pepperdine Lectures. It was awesome!!


Candie said...

Soooo beautiful. Thank you for the refreshing pictures on this "14-more-days-of-school" day!

Diana said...

Absolutely beautiful photos!!!

Come see me.

Rachel said...

I would LOVE to go out to Malibu some time. Thanks for posting the pretty pictures!