Do you Pray with your spouse?

This was my facebook question yesterday. Just thought you might find the answers interesting and I hope they bless you like they did me. (Names of friends were deleted to protect the innocent. :)

Do you guys pray everyday with your husband or wife? Just wondering.

I wish we did...used to, but have gotten out of the habit? do you? husband doesn't feel as comfortable praying together as I do. I learned through the His Needs/Her Needs class that its not uncommon for men to feel that way.

most of the time - unless we fall asleep first. As a woman, it makes me feel so protected when my husband asks me what he can pray for, and then prays specifically for that thing. Then he follows up on it days later to see how that specific thing is going...

Amy, I feel compelled to add my two cents even though I'm not married anymore....I certainly relate to these other comments, especially the one about guys not feeling comfortable praying with their wife. Having said that, I am convinced all married couples should do it. In fact, I believe daily prayer can provide a "polarizing" effect to sin and ... Satan's desire to tear our marriages apart. If I had done this I know I would have been a different husband than I was. I encourage all the husbands who read this- to JUST DO IT! It may not feel comfortable, but like most things we do, it should become easier with time. Even if it doesn't, if it does for your wife what it does for the above post, then why wouldn't you do it?

we pray together every night as we are in bed.

Thank you Amy for giving people a forum to testify on the power of prayer in a relationship. My Alexa has been part of BVP and the Grove's example of service through prayer and living the (in)perfect Christian Life is powerful.As a woman that was first married and then unwillingly single during her adult life, I can attest to the fact that prayer... is a most intimate act. Singles (our children!) need to be careful to only pray with a person that they intend on spending their life with - the bonding can be that strong. But once you do start praying with your future mate - never, ever stop.We also need to remember to pray for our mates - not just for them to "have a good day" or do "well", but for them to be able to battle the spiritual darkness that is all around us.Scott is so right - no one wants to be in a marriage that Satan has got a toe-hold in - and prayer is the one weapon that we have to call upon the forces of heaven to fight the forces of darkness.

Yes, we pray at night before going to bed. We have been doing it for about 4-5 weeks. Has made all the difference in our relationship!

Love this question, we need to make a commitment and do it as well, more often that is. I love all the encouragement from the responses.

I fully agree with Scott. As a single, I do know that prayer not only bonds man and wife together... it leaves very little doubt about what is in the heart of your mate. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to pray everyday with a person and grow apart from them. God is there when you call upon him, and where God is...that's a place I'd want to be.

If I had one, I would.


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