Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally...back in the photo business!

New camera! Yippee! I have looked for weeks for the right camera and bought one yesterday. Not sure yet if it is just perfect but, it seems pretty good so far.
Pictures below. What do you think?

This is the sprinkler running in our neighbor's yard. Just thought it looked so pretty and just screams summertime!
New member of the family...Meow. So cute, so fun, so silly. We love her. Truly, I am not or have not been a cat person. I am allergic to them (have to be careful) but have kind of fallen in love with this crazy cat.

Sid, working in the yard. That man loves watching the grass grow.
He also loves his job!

Gorgeous eyes of my youngest son. Hazel eyes. What a sweetheart.

Well...a man. sigh...

Meow is so funny,

she's always having fun,

everything is a plaything,

whether snow or rain or sun,

she chases all the bugs,

and next doors dove,

she doesn't want to eat them,

just to give them a love!

Her affection is endless,

a constant noisy purr,

she always wants to play

my little bundle of fur!


Diana said...

I have a Canon, too. I love it!

Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

YEA for you Amy! Great happy you are back in the camera business :)

Can't wait to see more. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.

Red Fish said...

You take great pics. I think it is part camera, but the biggest part is your eye for the scene. All are from the heart. How did you decide on this one?(camera)
Candie's mom